This iconic Sunshine Coast property is absolutely, hands down, one of my favourite venues. From the dusty dirt track to get there, to the acres upon acres of rolling green hills that surround it, Yandina Station offers modern couples an authentic rustic experience within which to get hitched.


I've been invited to officiate many, many marriage ceremonies here over the years. Yet still, each and every time I arrive at Yandina Station, driving over that cattle grid, I feel energised and excited by what will unfold over the following few hours. It's a place where I know everything is just going to go right. Everything you need is there – everything is organised – and everything looks top notch. It's a feeling of coming home.


Here are my 7 reasons why Yandina Station is awesome:


1. Sally and Neil are absolute legends. They will bend over backwards to make your day fantastic, and work their butts off in the gardens to make the whole place sparkle and bloom. This is their family home, so when you book here, you're basically being welcomed into the family.


2. They have their own home brew ginger beer. It's sparkly, refreshing and oh so delicious. Perfect for 30C wedding afternoons, and incidentally, it's a perfect mix with Hendricks for a Gin Mule. 


3. The outlying grounds are perfect for dreamy, sunset shots. Your photographer will love it – trust me. Just show them this and watch their eyes light up. 


4. The Moreton Bay Fig. This epic fig tree is undeniably majestic, and it is possibly the biggest reason why so many couples fall in love with this property. Not only does it provide the perfect amount of shade for your guests during the ceremony, it naturally frames the ceremony location unlike any other arbour possibly could.


5. The Old Dairy Barn. Big enough to seat up to 180 of your guests, yet cosy and quaint enough to feel like a trusty shed in the back garden of your own home. Team up with an epic stylist to help with the finer details, and watch this beautiful space come to life.


6. Onsite accommodation. Three luxury cottages are on offer, making it an easy to choice for brides and/or grooms to get ready onsite on the Big Day. And then conveniently, it's just a short stumble back home to bed at the end of the Big Night.


7. Location. Close enough to the main beach towns of Noosa, Peregian and Coolum, yet far enough away from the crowds; at the end of the night, when the music has stopped, and the air is still, you'll feel like you and your guests are the only ones around.


Yandina Station

684 North Arm - Yandina Creek Road, Yandina Creek, Qld

+61 7 5446 6000


info@yandinastation.com.au  @yandinastation  #yandinastation

Image c/o janneke storm // NICOLA & DANIEL